Daylesford in Victoria

I have been visiting Daylesford and Hepburn Springs for over two decades and have seen it change from a laid back alternative town to a trendy, thriving popular destination. There is still a little of the alternative lifestyle but it has been engulfed by popular spas, cafes, and shopping aimed at the Melbourne market.
Daylesford and Hepburn Springs connect seamlessly (although they would never admit it) with Daylesford having the main attractions including the lakes, shopping and dining while Hepburn Springs has the main spa centres. Both should be included on your visit.
Daylesford is so popular with Melburnians it is like an outer trendy suburb – especially being a little over an hours drive.. For those wanting to get out of the city but retain the dining and shopping they are used to Daylesford offers an unparalleled rural destination.
When you are visiting you should not you will be in the Central Highlands with Spa Country smack in the middle. You are now walking over 70% of Victoria’s mineral water so try some from a pump while you are there.
It is a beautiful location offering undulating hills with a background of the Wombat Park natural forest and has two Lakes, the Daylesford Lake and Lake Jubilee with both offering picnic facilities and paddleboats or canoes if you like being on the water. Due to the depth and cold waters they are unsuitable for swimming although many people do.
Attractions include the Convent Gallery, Lavandula and the Wombat Hill Park. Daylesford offers luxurious dining with views of the lake, specialty shops galore and accommodation from budget to luxury. It is a suitable destination all year round and a great spot for day tripping.

Why I am ditching Foxtel Now

I am at the end of my contract with Telstra for my NBN plan that included Foxtel Now Pop and Lifestyle. Instead of costing $25 it was $10 per month. Unfortunately, even at $10 I found Foxtel Now poor value. Compared to the other streaming services Foxtel Now is behind on nearly everything. To make it worse they charge the most and throw in advertisements.
So why are they not worth the expense?
Foxtel always claim they charge higher because of their premium content. I don’t believe they have better content than their competitors. In fact I believe Prime TV and Netflix leave them for dead at a much lower price.
Every streaming service gives you the lot for the one price. Not Foxtel where it is broken into separate packages. Twice I had a show I was watching moved to another package where I no longer had access. If you want to watch a lot of new release movies try Prime TV at a fraction of the cost.
You can’t watch on 4K. In fact I have to watch on the lowest setting. I am getting a consistent 60 mbps on Ethernet to my smart TV. I am watching in Super high definition on other streaming services but even in high definition Foxtel Now constantly buffers. Frequently on the low setting it doesn’t work. This has only been since the pandemic with a lot of internet authors accusing Foxtel of not providing enough bandwidth. That’s my best guess as well.
Finally is the technology. I can’t skip the recaps at the start of the show or the credits at the end. I also cannot download shows to watch off line which I can do on Stan, Netflix and Prime TV. Whenever someone mentions this to Foxtel on their community site Foxtel states they are looking into it. Two years on they really need a bigger magnifying glass to find improvements before they become obsolete.
I did try Foxtel Now before my Telstra contract. On cancelling they had changed their service to cancel on the day. Rather than run out the prepaid month they kept the money and cancelled your service. Now they have returned to cancelling at the end of the month. If there is a show I really want to see I will wait for the whole season to drop then binge watch for a month and get out again. Suggest you do the same.

Cheap Portable Massage Tables can be great

For those beginning a career in Massage Therapy your massage table can be a very expensive outlay. My first portable massage table was expensive, heavy and was eventually replaced with an inexpensive light import. If you are purchasing your table through your college it will probably be far more expensive than it should be.
Although there are hundreds of people doing massage courses every year only a small percentage are successful in the profession. Massage therapy has a high attrition rate so if you can afford it you make like to buy the best but being cautious with an inexpensive table can be a good idea.
The main things you want in a portable massage table are height adjustment (if you think one height fits all forget it; even different techniques need different heights), a face crest (a hole in the table will suffice but clients tend to find a face crest more comfortable and quite often they are adjustable), and to be light weight (as someone who did mobile massage for quite a while, you can believe me that light is better).
Basically what I am saying is don’t go overboard with a table. Considering there are quite good tables for under $200 why spend more. When I need to next update my portable massage table it will be an inexpensive one. Just because the table is cheap doesn’t mean I have to be.

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