Has Telstra completely abandoned customer support?

For me it appears so. Sure we are in the middle of a global pandemic but it shouldn’t be used to get out of providing a service. Telstra is a massive company making a lot of money selling product that when it fails just ignores. My first experience of this was with my Telstra TV 3. It was performing so badly it had become unusable. I phoned Telstra and went through the process to get help only to get a message that they were not offering help with this product. So much for warranty.
I usually have very good speed for fixed wireless but for several months it has dropped out or slowed down to unusable speeds. I use the Telstra app which has told me I need to seek further help. My experience of Telstra technical support has not been good so I have delayed it for some time. I recently had cabling connected to my smart TV which allows me to use a browser so I can do speed tests on it when the internet slows or stops. It appears the problem is only on wireless through the modem. Thinking this would be easier I used the app which told me to ring them.
Here is where Telstra has lost my confidence completely. They give you a number to ring and after going through the processes of telling their AI your number, your problem etc. They refer you back to the app and make you do messaging. Two weeks later – no reply. Put a complaint into the TIO and 5 days later no contact. We are 7 months into the pandemic yet a company the size of Telstra is still using the same excuses as at the start. They need to hire people and set them up remotely if necessary and provide the service a Telco is obligated to do.
With less than two months of my contract to go I will be giving Aussie Broadband a try. At least an Aussie answers the phone instead of an AI.

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The advantages of a Condensor Dryer

There is a terrible noise coming from our clothes dryer.  One that cannot be ignored.  It sounds like someone banging on the inside trying to get out while a tank runs over them.  It’s finally time to buy a condensor dryer.

I have probably kept my clothes dryer longer than I should have as it hasn’t been working as it should for some time.  A conventional unit that has done the job for many years but has one major flaw – they turn the room into a sauna.  Conventional clothes dryers vent the heat out through the back which is fine but all the moisture coming from the clothes goes with it as well.  So you end up with a steamy room.

You can run a vent connection kit outside of your house but it is rather messy, can be expensive and a lot of work.  Fine if you have building skills.  For a dry room with no construction needed a condensor clothes dryer is a great choice.  The moisture is not vented but collected into a container that you empty when full.  Simple but so much better.

So why didn’t I rush out and buy one in the first place.  Well they are around double the price of a vented clothes dryer so that slowed me down.  In fact at the time of buying my last dryer several years ago they were around four times the price.  So it was worth kicking a hole through the wall at the back of the unit.  

Condensor clothes dryers have been out for many years now and like most technology they have got cheaper as the years roll on.  They are still more expensive than a vented unit but the margin has closed considerably.  Allow for the work and the cost to vent a unit through the wall and the condensor unit is looking a very good alternative.  

Having purchased my condenser dryer I decided to plumb it so I don’t need to empty the container on a regular basis.  Definitely a lot better than the conventional unit although sometimes the clothes feel slightly moist and need a few more minutes at a high setting.  The great news is that I don’t have a moist laundry.

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Logitech K780 Multi-Device Wireless Keyboard review

I have had several wireless keyboards over the years and to be quite honest they were disappointing with one of them pretty much useless. I was considering purchasing a new laptop as my old one was rather bulky and had seen much better days when I started to think do I really need a new laptop? Although I still have tasks that require a laptop most of my work nowadays is word processing and uploading to my blog. Not much grunt needed for that.
As an Android and Microsoft user the search for a wireless keyboard can be quite daunting. There are many, many options to explore. My criteria was that I wanted a portable system that allowed me to type on my tablet and phone on my lap. That is where some have been difficult in the past. Although flexible and clever when used on a hard surface they were cumbersome and impractical to use on your lap. That’s why I had used a laptop for so long.
Enter the Logitech K780 Multi-Device Wireless Keyboard. A very solid unit that allows your phone or tablet to slide into a groove and turn it into a laptop. The fit is perfect and the angle is superb for browsing or writing. I am using a 10 inch Samsung but I would be surprised if you could not use a bigger tablet again. I can even fit my tablet and phone together in the groove. The keyboard has a full numeric pad and feels solid to type with. The keyboard is around the size of a 17 inch laptop. There is no touchpad but then you have a touchscreen on your tablet. Unlike most this keyboard is not rechargeable but instead uses AA batteries that are said to last up to 10 years. I prefer this as there is nothing worse than grabbing a flat keyboard.
To sum up. This is a very inexpensive keyboard that offers a high end feel and allows you to turn your tablet into a laptop. Best in show so far.

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